Tellur Distribution

Tellur Project consists in creating a complete e-commerce web platform, ready for a rapid business expansion. Scalable, fast and at latest technology standards.

Tellur Distribution Case Study

Creating a powerful, versatile e-commerce platform suitable for Tellur’s expansion plans.


Tellur Distribution is one of the major electronic appliances, handsets accessories and smart home devices distributor. His story starts in Romania but he his ambition was to cover entire UE and middle east markets.

The brief was to build an e-commerce platform at latest design and technology standards that can accommodate and be easily accessed the huge number of products and variations for each product.
Also, the brief included the request to develop an easy to manage upload and update products solution, to integrate the e-commerce with their SAP ERP business solution and to create a partner’s section for orders, contracts and other deals management.

The Challenge

The challenges for the project included the need to move tens of thousands of products, images and variations of products, while simultaneously executing a brand-new platform.

“From the start, we knew that this project would be a significant undertaking due to the vast amount of data, and other development teams past failing with this project. We approached this project with the necessary care and foresight to ensure a smooth migration and an end product that is built on solid technical grounding.”

Gabriel Sora, CEO Clear Maze

Why WordPress?

Previous website and system were missing many of modern features and development efficiencies needed to scale the platform to the next stage of growth for their brand.

WordPress was quickly identified as the ideal solution because of the ability to create a great experience for multiple products attributes and variations, while also providing an enterprise-grade core platform to make further development more efficient with the goal of maximizing revenue.

Technology Platform

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • ShopGate
  • HTML/Css/JQuery
  • Custom Css
  • Custom portfolio attributes and variables development.

The Obstacles

The migration to WordPress faced a few unique challenges. With over 15,000 products and variations in the backlog and tens of thousands of images, media attachments, tags, product specifications and sheets, this migration was also coupled with a full redesign of the website. Plans for new product upload and management features to improve their operational activities were also introduced. The obstacles involved ensuring the migration accounted for the functional requirements while also delivering the brand new, high profile refresh of the brand’s online experience.

The Solution


We used Google Cloud Platform to build a highly-scalable import process that handled the transformation of data and images into a WordPress compatible structure without any data loss. This migration process, as is the case with any large migration, was successful because of the time spent on architecting, building, and testing. When the time came to push the migrate button, it ran correctly and efficiently.

Code Quality

With performance, stability and security being the top priorities, code quality was a major priority to set the team up for success in the future. Custom plugins and themes give WordPress its competitive edge. Combined with top hosting solutions, this set the site up for success at launch.

Uploading process

Tellur regularly update the existing products, introduce new products or variation of existing product or discard others. The uploading process needed a custom solution and an interface that would easily facilitate the production. Working with the operational and sales teams to identify the UX requirements, Clear Maze was able to do the following:

  • Provide ability to number and reorder list items;
  • Provide a custom focal-point image cropping too
  • Provide templates based on the focus of each product lists.

Additionally, this solution meat the variable and attributes and images products characteristics.


By project completion, Tellur had successfully moved product catalog from their former system over to WordPress and was able to launch the new online expression of their brand with complete confidence. Launch day proved that the focus on code quality and Quality Assurance paid off, with a public release without any hiccups. The business is now positioned to build on its new direction and ambition and move forward into the next phase of growth.

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